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Cheap and Free UPC & EAN-13 Barcodes Here!

If you want to sell your product in a retail store or on Amazon.com, you're going to need a valid GS1 UPC Barcode.

There is no reason to pay $15 or even $89 like some other sites charge, now you can get Cheap UPC Barcodes for only $9.99ea - or less if you need multiple codes.

Your codes are guaranteed to be genuine and from a prefix registered with the GS1. The codes will be unique, for your exclusive use worldwide, and will include a certificate of authenticity. Plus, we'll provide you with free barcode image files with your purchase that you can print and apply to your products, or design into your product packaging.

Generate Your Barcode

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Generated Barcodes (Zip includes UPC & EAN13)

Generating Free Barcodes

The barcode images you have generated above are free for you to download. They are only useful to you if you actually own the barcode numbers. If you have a range of barcodes that you need to have graphics or prints made for, please see free-upc-barcodes

If you not own any barcode numbers and need to purchase them, we can:

• Provide you with all the barcodes numbers you need
• Generate a range of graphic sizes and formats for each
• Provide those graphics plus documentation in a zip file downloadable from this site

Please click 'Buy Now' on the sidebar to purchase. Purchasing barcodes and receiving their graphics takes approximately two minutes to complete.

UCC Barcodes?

'UCC' is actually a mistype. If you were searching for this term, you most likely meant to search for 'UUC barcodes'. The good news is we provide them. The barcode generation system above will create UUC barcodes.

UPC Barcodes


• Maximum 1,000 barcodes per customer.
• Offer valid for first purchase only.
• This is a limited time promotional offer and subject to change without notice.
• We provide you with everything you need including JPG, PNG and vector (EPS or SVG) graphics. If we have missed something or you have a question we have not answered, let us know.

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* Minimum 10 barcode order

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